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  YSpectrian - Put a Spectrum in your Symbian phone!ou can download Spectrian from this page and then transfer the installer to your phone, or you can download the installer directly onto your phone from our WAP site. Go to 'Services' on the phone and type in the address below:


If you choose to download the installer onto your PC, use Infrared or Bluetooth to ‘send’ the SIS file to your phone (see the Infrared / Bluetooth adapter manufacturer’s instructions for how to do this), or if your phone is set up for email, you can send the SIS file as an attachment. Files sent in this way appear in your Messaging Inbox. When you open the message, the phone will automatically launch the installer and ask you if you wish to install Spectrian.

Another alternative is to use the PC Suite software (or equivalent for your phone model) 'Install Device Software' option.

When the installer runs you will see an 'Installation Security Warning'. This simply means that Spectrian does not have a digital signature, because like many other small developers, I can't afford to pay the huge fees Symbian demand. The software is nevertheless perfectly safe to install.

On some newer phones such as the N70, you may have to change the Software Installation setting in the Application Manager to allow installation of unsigned applications.

Online and downloadable documentation for Spectrian is available here.

A huge selection of Spectrum games can be found in the World Of Spectrum archive.

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